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TRAKK Travel Pillow

A curved neck care pillow that comes with multiple mode of massage and strength levels. Its wireless usage allows you to use it while travelling and have a comfortable trip without neck pain.


SKU: 3293274112143
Model #: TR-USHAPE01-BK
M-shaped Curved Neck Care Design: More effectively support your neck and shoulder.- Multiple Modes
Controllable: Intelligent control three massage modes (vibration mode / kneading mode / vibration + kneading mode) can be controlled by one key.- 3-gear Strength Adjustable: Meeting different needs of massage strength in different states
3-second Slow Rebounding Memory Cotton: Comfortable feel soft support.- Hoodie Lock: Humanized design easy to adjust the tightness to meet different needs of different shoulder widths and face shapes
2000mAh Large Capacity Rechargeable Battery: Using after charging / plug and play. The battery life is up to 15 days (calculated by massage for 10 minutes a day) after charging for 2 hours which is much more valuable and satisfactory when traveling

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