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TRAKK is an innovating driven brand based in NYC. the TRAKK Brand was launched in 2013. TRAKK was built to offer Innovative, Premium products at a value price. Our commitment is to constantly, introduce new, innovative, and exciting products that all can afford and enjoy.

Our initial success began on AMAZON.COM as we introduced our award winning Technology brand including state of the art Bluetooth Audio Speakers and Headphones. We continued the success by producing products across all categories such as Home & Kitchen, Health & Beauty, Wellness, Home Automation, and more! 

The TRAKK Team is committed to developing products that enhance the lives of our customers. Our goal is to provide the product that will enable each and every customer in treating themselves better. TRAKK  strives to produce award winning design, simplicity, technology, and most of all sustainability in each and every product manufactured. 

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TRAKK's products are aged to perfection

TRAKK’s 10+ years of experience in the Tech/Wellness segment has enabled us to lead the way in designing | supplying | managing the most up-to-date product assortments for our retail partners. With a growing and rapidly changing marketplace, we understand that our retailers’ needs have grown beyond simply requiring product. Our customers are looking for full-service design and supply house.

Our Journey

We aren't new to
enhancing innovation

We launched our full line of GOPRO & Camera accessories named BLUEFIRE
Dabbled in creating some of the best high quality sounding speakers
We launched a full line of top of the line quality earphones and headphones
iPhone Case
TRAKK Cases and Screen protectors for Apple iPhone and Samsung mobile devices
Hi-Tech Backpack
TRAKK Designs and Manufacturers Innovative High-Tech Sport Functional Backpacks
Health & Wellness
TRAKK Reinvents Personal Health & Wellness with Massagers
Fitness & Yoga
Due to increased demand TRAKK dives into Fitness and Yoga category with its new division

2615 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11223