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TRAKK Smart Percussion Memory Gun

SKU : 194587685023


The TRAKK Smart Percussion Memory Gun is a cutting-edge massage device that delivers deep, penetrating relief to sore muscles. Its smart technology allows you to customize your massage experience with adjustable speed and intensity levels. The memory function remembers your preferred settings for easy use, while the ergonomic grip and multiple attachments make it easy to target any area of the body.

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A deep tissue massage gun with a comfortable grip holder. It comes with different head shapes and speed to give your sore muscles some comfort. The portable size makes it easy for you to take it anywhere along and have comfort whenever you need.

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EAN 194587685023
UPC 194588000000
Model Number TR-SMGN-500
Embarrassment Free & Hassle Free Pain Relief: Athletes who take muscle recovery seriously say the New Fusion Black massage gun gives them therapy-level massage with a comfy 12-degree handle that’s easy on their hands and yet so quiet that they can enjoy pain-relieving massage wherever their day takes them (some are even enjoying fast muscle relief while sitting at their desk)
New Whisper-quiet Brushless Motor – So You Can Truly Relax: Men and women who used the old noisy percussion massage guns say the Fusion Black is a new experience; The cutting-edge Japanese Brushless motor gives you up to 3300 percussions per minute that’s ‘whisper’ quiet (under 45 dB) so you can avoid the ‘hammer drill’ noise common on cheap muscle massage guns and enjoy a more peaceful massage and deeper relaxation
Pro Results With 6 Swappable Heads And 20 Intensity Levels: As you check out the pictures, notice the 20-speed levels and 6 unique attachments to quickly massage away pain and stiffness; From deep-tissue massage on your back, legs, and arms, to softer options for more delicate tissue in the neck and head – find just the right combination to enjoy refreshed and restored muscles (without costly massage therapy sessions)
Portable Pain Relief From Our All-american Team: The all-American team at Fusion likes to push their workouts hard, which is why they crafted the patented Fusion Black Massage Gun to be sleek and powerful; The Fusion can be tossed into a gym bag for quick muscle massage to eliminate stiffness, soreness, or spasms on the go — Perfect for athletes who need a deep tissue massager that can keep up with their busy lives

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