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TRAKK Silica Pearl Hot/Cold Back Wrap

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The TRAKK Silica Pearl Hot/Cold Back Wrap is a unique, pearl-infused silicone wrap that can be used for both hot and cold therapy. The pearls provide a massaging effect that can help to relieve pain and tension. The wrap is also adjustable

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TRAKK Silica Pearl Hot/Cold Back Wrap

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EAN 194587750240
Model Number TR-SILICWP-150
Dual Functioning Hot or Cold: Alternate between heat and cold therapy with these versatile gel packs. Simply place in refrigerator or freezer until desired temperature for a cold/ice pack effect. For a hot pack effect, simply place in microwave until desired temperature is reached. The gel pack is then ready to relieve your aches and pains!
Multiple Uses: At 15″X 5” it is the perfect size for lower back, stomach, shoulder, triceps, hip or knee. Three separate sections ensure that the gel beads will be evenly distributed throughout the pack. It also allows it to fold, making the size flexible to fit any body part.
Flexible, Fabric Backing, and Elastic Strap: The bead design helps it contour smoothly to the body part being treated, even while frozen. The fabric backing allows for comfortable application as well as dual temperature use. If preferred, start with the fabric side on your skin and flip over to the plastic side once the cold sensation subsides. Adjustable, firm fastener closure ensures a secure and custom fit.
Therapeutic Effect: Cold therapy reduces swelling and pain caused by inflammation and relieves the discomforts associated with joint & muscle injuries, sports injuries, back and neck pain, arthritis, sinus & stress headaches, post-surgical pain & burns. Hot Therapy relaxes tight muscles and restores flexibility in a wide variety of ailments including muscle pain & soreness, muscle spasms & cramps, arthritis, back stiffness, menstrual cramps, sciatica, pinched nerves, etc.

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