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TRAKK Orbi Ball

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The TRAKK ORBI BALL Vibrating Massage Ball is a super-versatile piece of equipment that provides optimal solution for self-myofascial release (SME). Which can be used at the gym, at home, at the working place or any trip. Loosen up muscles, improve circulation and flexibility to reduce pain.

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Multiple Vibration Modes for You to Choose

Our massager ball provides 4 Modes, light, medium, auto, and high. Press the power button to switch between each mode. Find the optimum one mode, for effective localized pin-point deep tissue massage to your fascia or muscles or ligaments or tendons. When you are done, quickly turn the device off by holding the button down for 2 seconds

Professional and Efficient After-Sale Service

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, just return the item within 30 days & have your money refunded. And we offer one year warranty, any questions please feel free to let us know

Safe and Reliable Design and Material

Soft silicone skin and acupressure nodules, allows the massage ball with more comfort and durable. It’s secret weapon for chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia – neuropathy – sciatica – nerve pain. You can take your battery-operated Vibration Peanut Roller on the road – the office – even the couch

An Ideal Tool with Heat Function for Pain Relief & Trigger Point Therapy:

Work 10 minutes, max temperature is 35.9℃. Work 20 minutes, max temperature is 44.1℃. Work 30 minutes, max temperature is 49.5℃. Deliver localized deep tissue massage to your fascia, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Helpful treatment for relax muscles, relieve stress and promote the blood circulation, relieve pain in muscles, fascia, and rigid tissue, relief plantar fasciitis

Ultra-fast Rechargeable Battery

Ultra-fast charge 90 minutes, from empty to full electricity. Features 10-minute auto shut-off with LED indicators for battery life and intensity level. Professional grade 4-speed motor for effective localized pin-point deep tissue massage to your fascia or muscles or ligaments or tendons. No more tense shoulders or a tight lower back on long plane rides or road trips

Additional information

Color Orange
SKU 3293274122876
Model Number TR-MASBALL-204A
IMPROVED VIBRATING DESIGN – This revolutionary Vibrating Massage Ball is designed to treat small muscle groups. Its high intensity vibration helps penetrate deep into muscles for an effective tension release massage. Use VULKEN Acusphere for rapid Plantar Fasciitis relief, effective Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Treatment.
8 VIBRATION LEVELS WITH PULSATING MODE – Enhance your Pre-workout and Recovery system with Acusphere’s Low/Medium/Pulsating/High Vibration Modes at your choice. Ideal for warming up, circulation improvement and recovery of sore and tight muscles.
EXCELLENT FOOT MASSAGER & TARGETED MUSCLE ROLLER – When compared to foam rollers, vibrating massage ball goes deeper and is more flexible. It could work in a circular motion, side to side and up and down, giving more pressure on specific areas for a targeted massage, while foam rollers disperse pressure broadly and more evenly. ٭Press & hold power button to turn off vibration.٭
RECHARGEABLE & ULTRA-PORTABLE – With only 3.75” in diameter, the light-weight and compact Acusphere massage ball is so portable that you can bring it along to anywhere you like for relaxation. Best companion for your camping trip. If you need to order a replacement charger, you can find it here:

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