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TRAKK Knee Leg Pillow Pain Relief

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This pillow is perfect for those who suffer from knee pain. It provides relief and comfort by keeping the legs elevated and supported. The pillow is also great for pregnant women and can be used during recovery from surgery.

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Soft and breathable knee pillow for side sleepers. It supports your hip and spine while you are asleep and help you relieve knee strain and sore legs.

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EAN 194587833790
Model Number TR-LGKNPL-100
[Improve the quality of sleep] Knee pillow for side sleepers is a good companion for those who are sleep deprived. Keeping your legs in a natural position while you sleep can relieve your fatigue and improve the quality of your sleep. Knee pillow can help you relieve the discomfort of back, hip, leg, knee and sciatica. It is very helpful.
[High quality leg pillow for sleeping]Knee pillow is made of premium memory foam. The fabric is soft and skin-friendly, with good breathability and strong moisture absorption and heat dissipation. It is better than other pillows and will not flatten over time.
[Leg Pillow ergonomic design] The leg pillow for sleeping has a true ergonomic design with soft curves and a crescent shape for the comfort of men and women. The leg pillow for sleeping contains no additives and its orthopedic contour keeps the knee or leg apart at the ideal spacing to support and align your legs, hips and spine.
[Leg pillow applicable to people]People with leg discomfort, swollen legs and feet, knee strain, sore legs, etc. For the relief and treatment of knee, hip, leg, thigh, pelvis, lumbar, lumbar spine, arthritis, bursitis and sciatica. Perfect for side sleepers and during pregnancy.

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