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TRAKK Mini LED Colour Changing Himalayan Salt lamp

This salt lamp uses led, has low power consumption and low heat, so don’t worry about not turning it off in time. It contributes to easy your mind and relieve stress.Note: Salt lamp may dissolve slightly when not used for a long time or under humid environment. Please wipe it with a dry cloth and light it up.


SKU: 194587685450
【Skin Safe Design】NUFR LED therapy mask uses the fixed wavelength natural light waves to promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, produce rich collagen, increase skin elasticity and improve skin quality with no side effects.
【3 Color Light Therapy】This LED light face mask is designed with 3 different colors light source, red light (620-750nm) eliminates wrinkles and revitalize skin, blue light (476-495 nm) reduces inhibit oil secretion, orange light (590-620nm) soften and smooth your skin.
【Suitable for All Skin Types】The 3 color LED photon mask with friendly design is perfect for all skin types, especial for T-zone oil skin, and it delivers facial beautification even for the most sensitive skin types, which can be an ideal gift for men or women you care about.
【Lightweight and Rechargeable】Our LED facial skin care mask is much lighter than other masks, and it can be charged by laptop or power bank with USB cable, so you can carry it around and enjoy beauty and skin care when you do other things.

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