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TRAKK ICE Tight Knee Ice Pack For Help Recovery Knee Pain Relief

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The TRAKK ICE Tight Knee Ice Pack is a great way to help recover from knee pain relief. The ice pack helps to reduce swelling and inflammation while also providing support and stability to the knee joint.

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Whether you’ve injured yourself at home, at gym, or on the field, Cold Compression Therapy is the perfect answer to help you heal faster and more effectively than traditional first aid techniques alone. This innovative therapy modality is practiced by everyone from professional athletic trainers and sports medicine physicians to emergency room personnel and physical therapists, helping people of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels to better recover from both short and long-term pain and illnesses.

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EAN 194587833462
Model Number TR-ICEFT-700
Innovation Two-sided Design – TRAKK ankle ice pack wrap is creatively made of dual fabric. Pick the soft knitted side or the nylon side depending on how intense you want the cold on your ankle. Ankle ice pack weight only 1.5 lbs. Icing your ankle and foot for pain relief with non-weight bearing.
Fully and Easy Coverage of Every Part of Your Foot- With 2 elastic straps, this ice pack for ankle provide a most comfortable solution for keeping coldness on the ankle and the entire heel. Hand-free application and you don’t need to fiddle and fuss with multiple ice bags each time.
Accelerate Healing Process – With a lower frozen point -13°F, the ankle ice wrap for injuries can stay cold forlong time and provides pain relief to target area. Ice pack ankle could also furnish sooth pressure to target area. Helping bring down the swelling after injuries, ankle surgery, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and spur heel.
Leakproof and Easy to Use- This reusable ice pack for ankle and foot stay smooth and pliable when frozen, wraps around the ankle snugly. Just leave it in the freezer with the plastic bag included and take ice wrap ankle to use when you need.

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