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TRAKK Hot & Cold Tight Knee Pack For Help Recovery Knee Pain Relief

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The TRAKK Hot & Cold Tight Knee Pack is a versatile product that can be used to help relieve knee pain. The pack can be used hot or cold, depending on the user’s preference. The pack is also adjustable, so it can be made to fit snugly around the knee

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Tolaccea sock ice pack is very popular all over the world, and be loved by everyone for its wearable, flexible, excellent effect and reliable quality.

Additional information

EAN 194587833479
Model Number TR-ICEANK-700
REUSABLE GEL ICE PACK THAT STAYS COLD LONG ENOUGH FOR INSTANT PAIN RELIEF. The Tolaccea ankle and foot ice pack are reusable and durable. It stays cold after taking from freezer, this is cold long enough for instant pain relief and without frostbite feet and ankles.
FLEXIBLE, STRETCHABLE. Compared with other ice packs made of liquid-gel, the Tolaccea ankle and foot ice pack made of expert-gel, which is a innovative solid gel. It still remains flexible even after several hours or days of freezing. The Lycra fabric on its surface is soft and smooth, it’s super comfortable to wear.
EASY TO USE, AS SIMPLE AS WEARING SOCKS.The Tolaccea ankle and foot ice pack wrap adopts sock design, there are no hard inserts or Velcro straps these either.So It is very simple to use, no different from wearing socks. And it supports walking around freely. The feeling is the same as when you walk on the wooden floor of the house in socks. Therefore, it has a nickname – sock ice pack.
360° COVERAGE & PROVIDES BOTH COLD AND HOT THERAPIES.The Tolaccea ankle and foot ice pack provides 360°coverage, it wrap your entire ankle and foot, targeted to all areas of ankle and foot.Unlike other ice packs that only provide cold therapy, it provides both cold and hot therapies.You can switch the therapy as needed, such as hot compress therapy for foot cramps, and cold compress therapy for pain relief.

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