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TRAKK Hot & Cold Teeth Pack Head Wrap For Chin, Oral, Dental, Face Ice Pack Therapy

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The TRAKK Hot & Cold Teeth Pack Head Wrap is a versatile ice pack that can be used for chin, oral, dental, and face therapy. It features a hot and cold pack that can be used interchangeably to provide relief from pain and swelling. The wrap is made of soft. comfortable fabric

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The TRAKK Soft Wisdom Teeth Ice Pack Head Wrap is brought to you by TRAKK, a leader in cold compression therapy. The wearable ice pack is the answer for those who suffer from jaw discomfort, inflammation, TMJ, or those who have had dental or oral surgery. The flexible ice pack provides perfect 360° natural cooling cold therapy while resting comfortably. It’s slip-on, form-fitting, hands-free design means no messy wraps or uncomfortable ice packs, inserts or awkward straps. It’s one of the best comfortable, stretchable TMJ pain relief products. Simply freeze in a Ziploc bag for 2 or more hours.

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EAN 194587833424
Model Number TR-ICETH-700
This Is A Wearable Wisdom Teeth / TMJ Relief Ice Pack Wrap. It’s Stretchable Compression let’s It Fit Every Face, Head & Chin. It’s One Size Fits All. If You Are Not Comfortable With It’s Size Return It For A Full Refund. The TRAKK Cold Compression Flexible Face Ice Pack Provides 360° Natural Cooling Cold Therapy While Resting Comfortably.
This Form Fitting Gel Wisdom Teeth Ice Pack Wrap Is Brought To You By TRAKK, A Leader In Cold Compression Therapy. The Reusable & Wearable Therapy Ice Pack For TMJ Relief Helps Inflammation. pain relief and recovery from Dental and Oral surgery. The Slip-On Design Means No Messy Wraps Or Uncomfortable Face Ice Packs, Inserts Or Awkward Band Straps.
The Natural Cold Therapy Relief wrap is form fitting. No Hard Inserts Or Velco. The Cold Compress pulls over your Chin, Face & Head. It’s Ideal for dental & oral surgery. As You Lay In Bed Or On A Couch Comfortably With The Product On Your Head, It’s Soft Gel Design Won’t Put Undo Pressure 0n Specific Areas Like A Hard Face Ice Pack. It’s the perfect of all the TMJ pain relief products.
It’s one of the best Comfortable Stretchable TMJ pain relief products. Easy To Use & Reuse. Simply Freeze In A Ziploc Bag For 2 Hours. This Natural Remedy Easy-To-Use Cold Pack Is Safe For Daily Use & Ready In The Freezer Whenever cold therapy is needed.The One Size Fits All Stretchable Compression Makes It A Perfect Fit For Everyone.

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