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TRAKK Hot & Cold Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap For Help Shoulder Injury

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This product is a hot and cold shoulder ice pack wrap that can help with shoulder injuries. It has a Velcro closure and is adjustable to fit a variety of sizes. It can be used for both hot and cold therapy and is microwave and freezer safe.

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Whether you’ve injured yourself at home, at the gym, or on the field, cold compression therapy is the perfect answer to help you heal faster and more effectively than traditional first aid techniques alone. This innovative therapy modality is practiced by everyone from professional athletic trainers and sports medicine physicians to emergency room personnel and physical therapists, helping people of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels to better recover from both short and long-term injuries and illnesses.

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EAN 194587833431
Model Number TR-ICESHD-700
Upgrade One-Piece Design and Easy to Use: TRAKK innovative shoulder ice wrap provides instant pain relief and cold compression therapy. One-Piece Wrap without extra stiff buckle so no need to fiddle and fuss with several straps, wraps, or multiple ice bags, you could put this ice packs shoulder on for pain relief in seconds with ease.
Extra Pliable and Snug-fit: Compare with traditional ice packs, our ice pack for shoulder rotator cuff still keep highly soft and flexible after -18℉ frozen. Soft solid shoulder cold pack contours to the shape of your shoulders, bicep, triceps, across your chest and attach with a strong adjustable elastic. Provides 100% coverage for your treatment area.
Extremely Comfort and Skin Friendly: Crafted with hypoallergenic Lycra cover, reusable ice shoulder wrap could be used on your skin directly. Unique extendibility and compression technology help to release muscles fatigue and allow for maximum comfort and support for free movement.
Perfect Combination with Cold and Compression: TRAKK Ice bag for shoulder injuries works by permeating deeply and instantly to muscle tissues and reducing blood flow to target area, significantly reduce inflammation that causes pain. Cold compress helps rotator cuff pain relief, swelling, sore, injury and tension. Great for athletes, workers, homemakers or seniors for shoulder symptom pain relief.

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