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TRAKK Globe Massager


EAN 194587626873
UPC 194588000000
Model Number TR-GLBALL-150
Adjustable Intensity Vibration – Switch between low, constant, medium, and high vibration modes for a custom-tailored massage.
Battery – Connect to a USB compatible port with the included cable, recharge, and apply again. LED’s will provide you with the status of the charge. Full charge from empty takes about 3 hours. Continuously use for 75 minutes
Post Workout – The best time for a rub down of the muscles is right after a training session. At this stage, the muscles are contracted, warm and surging with blood. Ready to be loosened. Make sure you have already consumed plenty of water
Myofascial Release – Improving the circulation of your blood is crucial for the transportation of vital nutrients to all areas of the body. Releasing these soft tissue adhesions will eliminate pain and restore motion, circulation and elasticity

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