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TRAKK Wrist Wrap

A heating wrap for wrist and hand that will help in many medical conditions. It has different heat intensities and auto shut off technology when overheated.


EAN 194587626538
Model Number TR-WRBRACE-01
LARGE HEAT COVERAGE. This hand wraps is heat full coverage to heal front and back hand pain area, great for hand arthritis, Tendonitis, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel relief
HEATING WRAP SOOTHE HAND & WRIST PAIN. the hand wrap embedded with the Fiber Heating Element, which deeply and evenly penetrate throughout the skin, muscle, tissue, joint, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation to achieve relief and healing
PEACE OF MIND: EMF FREE as using direct current adapter to eliminate electromagnetic radiation risk at source; Embedded with thermostat sensor, automatic POWER OFF when overheated; 2-hour auto-off so you can relax in comfort with confidence
CUSTOMIZED TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: 6 temperature settings available, a lot of choice to get your best fitting temperature for heat therapy

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