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TRAKK Fitness Sit Up Bar for F

A sit up bar with advance two support bars. The gear height can be adjusted and this sit up will allow you to work out at home. This bar will help you in many exercises for every part of your body.


EAN 194587631044
Model Number TR-SITUPBAR-100
1.[UPGRADE FEATURES]: The upgraded sit up bar for floor is more ergonomic. The design of the double suction cup makes the suction of the sit-up aids more stronger and stable, Meanwhile, the advanced double-row support bar design can provide greater heel force and double efficiency. The high-density soft foam covered handle is comfortable and non-slip to avoid ankle injury or bruising
2.[MULTI-FUNCTION AND ADJUSTABLE]: The Sit Up Equipment can be made easier with sit-ups and can be done with push-ups, planks, tummy tucks, sidekicks, stretches, yoga,etc. Supports a variety of exercise patterns to build muscles in different parts of the body.
3.[BUILD A PERFECT BODY CURVE]: This is a situp assistant device designed for fitness and muscle training. Exercise every part of your body to help you build perfect abdominal muscle and a strong body.
4.[EASY TO INSTALL AND PORTABLE]: The self-suction sit up bar is light and portable, easy to install, it can be used at home or in the office to shape your body, especially for those who don’t have time to work out in the gym. This is a very ideal portable exercise tool that saves time and money.

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