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TRAKK Eye Massager

Eyes too tired? We have this eye massager which will not only massage but gives heat therapy to your eyes. While relaxing you can also listen to your soothing songs via Bluetooth


EAN 194587626842
UPC 1.94588E+11
Model Number TR-HTEYEMAS-100
【Constant Temperature Compress】Built-in heating pads provide a comfortable temperature 104℉-107℉ (40℃-42℃ ), better for relieving eye strain, dry eyes, migraine etc
【5 Massage Modes】Eye massager offering 5 types of massage modes.The vibration, heat and music functions are combined in different modes to give you an totally relaxed eye massage
【Bluetooth Connection】 The pre-recorded soothing music tracks are available to enhance eye relaxation.You can also connect via Bluetooth to play your favorite playlists
【180°Foldable】 The heated eye massager can folds up to 180° to store. The soft elastic strap is adjustable, the headband can be easily adjusted in size to fit all teenagers and adults

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