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TRAKK Electromagnetic Cordless NECK MASSAGE

Tiring day at office leaves you with neck rigidity and soreness. This U shaped cordless neck massager with different vibration intensities and temperature adjustments will take away all the stress.


SKU: 194587685207
Model #: TR-ELENCKMSG-10
???? ???? ?????? Your neck is suffering from great pressure after desk work or engagement with smart phone. Nowaday the SKG K6 Smart Neck Massager can relieve your neck pain intelligently: it uses pulse electric frequency transmitted to deep tissues and muscles, and it simulates a variety of hand shiatsu massages.
????? ???? ?????? Weighs only 4.9 oz. With 3D suspension cordless design, the electrodes adjust to the angle of your neck with no bound feelings. Equipped with 1000 mAh built-in battery, which supports to at least 16 days use (15 minutes per day)
4 ?????, 15-????? ????????? Built up with 4 modes (Daily, Leisure, Exercise and Therapy mode) x 15-level intensity to satisfy your multiple massage demands. Equipped with the voice broadcast function, and it is easy to use for everyone.
?????????? ???? ???????? Quick Relief Neck Discomfort,Updated with the new PET rapid heating technology and programs, provided with 100.4 & 102.2 & 107.6 Fahrenheit adjustable-temperature warm compress, which can adjust the temperature precisely and delivery the most comfortable massage experience. Ergonomic U-shape design is suitable for different neck thickness.

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