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EAN 194587685436
UPC 194588000000
Model Number TR-ESUCUP-200
【Cupping Deeper & Recover Faster】The electric cupping therapy machine is designed for people who like strong suction. Cupping massager has 6 adjustable suction modes.Cupping helps relieve muscle soreness and tension and speed up recovery after exercise. (Note: Cupping set need to be performed on the surface of the skin, adjust the suction to 1st gear for first-time electric cupping massager users, and use with essential oils)
【Heating Cupping Therapy Massage】The electric cupping and heating machine has 6 adjustable heating modes, safer than fire cupping. Heating and massage at the same time of electronic cupping machine can promote blood circulation.(Please preheat for 3-5 minutes before use, the maximum temperature about 107°F, adapt to the best temperature of the human body, which can be used on the skin surface for a long time, effectively preventing low-temperature burns)
【Skin Congestion Helps Break Down Scar Tissue】After cupping, it may leave traces similar to “bruises” on the skin. This is due to skin congestion, which usually disappears gradually after 3-4 days. The cupping congestion effect helps break down scar tissue.
【More Efficient Portable Massager】 Compared with the traditional cupping set, the electric cupping massager has strong suction power, cupping is faster, and there is no need to sleep in waiting like tranditional cupping. There is no need to bring a cupping cup, only a cupping machine is needed, which is more compact and convenient to carry.

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