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TRAKK Elbow Brace


EAN 194587626590
UPC 194588000000
Model Number TR-ELBMAS-100
RELIEVE ELBOW PAIN: The heated elbow bracket is mainly used to provide heat therapy for people suffering from elbow pain, promote blood circulation and effectively relieve elbow pain, and help relieve symptoms of tendinitis, arthritis, acute and chronic pain. It is ideal for tendinitis, tennis elbow and arthritis pain relief in daily life
THREE-LEVEL TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: Elbow Heating Pad has 3 levels of temperature settings. You can choose the temperature that suits your needs.
MOXIBUSTION THERAPY: With moxibustion electric heating elbow pads, additional moxibustion therapy can be obtained to speed up the recovery of the elbow and better relieve pain. The heat generated by the heating of the moxa bag can penetrate deep into the skin 3-5cm
COMFORTABLE AND SOFT MATERIAL: The elbow heating bracket is made of elastic fabric, no matter you are working or resting, you will not feel stiffness, so it is very soft and comfortable. It also has better thermal insulation properties, which can avoid rapid heat loss

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