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TRAKK Double Head Massage Gun


EAN 194587626811
UPC 194588000000
Model Number TR-DUOGN-300
[2021 Double massage gun ]: innovative structure patented design, equipped with 8 massage heads, two motors staggered massage hammering, real hand massage relaxes the whole body, more effectively activates blood circulation, relaxes tendons and muscles, promotes blood circulation, and relieves fatigue and release the beneficial effects of drowsiness
[ High-end metal texture ]: Deep Tissue Massager uses aluminum alloy shell, high hardness, strong heat dissipation function, can run for a long time. Massagers for neck and back Very easy to operatecontrols. The structure and power reach an unprecedented balance, relax tight muscles, dig deeper and relieve hard-to-reach muscle groups, and the noise can be operated at 44dB, which brings more pleasure Massage experience
[ Convenient to carry ]: The handheld massager weighs only 1.67 pounds, making it a convenient choice. You can take it with you for business trips, work, gym, one machine and multiple massages to relax the whole body
[ Powerful Motor ]: Deep tissue tapping muscle massager has two powerful high torque brushless motors, four levels , and the fastest speed can reach 3200rpm, which can help muscle recover faster, reduce Muscle soreness, muscle fatigue and lactic acid accumulation, promote blood flow, improve range of motion and flexibility, and enhance muscle stiffness, etc.

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