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TRAKK Bullet

TRAKK BULLET Portable Mini Massage Gun


SKU 3293274142133
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Easy to Use: It has a simple control panel that you can use to choose among the massage modes and levels. This massage gun has 3 modes, each mode has 4-speed levels which is designed to fulfill your preference or desired massage needs.
Long-Lasting Battery: Equipped with a high quality 2600mAh rechargeable Lithium battery that only takes 2-3 hours to be fully charged. It works up to 5 hours (depends on speed level and pressure applied) It can last several days without recharging.
4 Available Massage Heads: Medcursor Massage Gun comes with 4 different-shaped massage heads for every muscle group. It includes: fork, flat, round, and wedge head attachments. These are totally customizable to meet your various needs and to deliver a soothing massage experience.
Portable Design & Reduced Noise: This massage gun weighs 1.76 lbs only so it’s easy to use and carry when you’re at work/gym or when you are traveling. Design with a high-quality brushless quiet motor that gives a minimal noise of 35dB-65dB. Enjoy the massage experience without any high-decibel noise.

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