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TRAKK Balance Pods


EAN 194587626552
UPC 194588000000
Model Number TR-BALPOD-2PK
AGILITY TRAINING: Set of 2 balance pods for balance and agility training feature a 6-inch diameter done that can be used flat side up or textured side up, perfect for improving stability and myofascial release
BALANCE BENEFITS: Made from durable, non-latex these balance pods are ideal size for a range of balance exercises, the textured side up provides ease for beginners and the smooth side up for an advanced challenge
MASSAGE MUSCLES: Not only is the textured surface great for releasing those tight muscles, but the dome shape also forms to your foot, aiding in the release of plantar fascia and great for rehabilitation
MUTLI-FUNCTIONAL TOOL: With the smooth side down for more stability training, you can you use textured side down for a more challenging balance practice, allowing you to improve the quality of movements by improving stability

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