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Who doesn’t love fresh air which is pleasant to breathe in? Our air purifier will clean out all the smoke, smell, dander or pollen from the air. It covers an area of 100 sq feet leaving you with a healthy lifestyle.


SKU: 786411663057
Model #: TR-AP01
DESIRABLE COVERAGE: Air Purifier Coverage up to 100 Square Feet.
Large Filtration components allow for a mor thorough and well rounded purifying process throughout your room.
Pursonic Air Purifier Technology Uses True Hepa To Clean out Smoke, Pollen, Dander, Hair, Smell. no need to worry about any air quality problems anymore, just turn on the product and enjoy a healthy life.
Portable , Take it Anywhere , Just A usb plug in away. Perfect for Living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, car and more!!!

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