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TRAKK 360 Dual Angle Massage R


EAN 194587626712
UPC 194588000000
Model Number TR-360-BR-100
4 Ball Massage Trigger Point Muscle Therapy:The muscle roller helps deep muscle tissue massage,release muscle tension,stress and pain,improves natural circulation,reduces inflammation and restores flexibility.
3D floating point design:Close to the skin,wrap all limbs,full massage experience,wide extension bracket (with elasticity,adjustable width to meet massage needs).
Deep tissue massage:After a long day of work or exercise,using our foam roller massager can relieve the fatigue and stress of the day.Reduce muscle aches and pains,help you recover faster,and make the new tomorrow a vibrant self.
Multiple massage parts:This massager can not only relieve leg muscle pain and muscle relaxation,but also massage shoulders,arms,hips,back,abdomen,legs,etc.

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