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TRAKK Memory Foam Foot Rest

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TRAKK Memory Foam Foot Rest is an ergonomic foot rest that helps to improve circulation and reduce fatigue. The contoured design provides support and comfort for your feet, and the non-slip surface keeps your feet in place.

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Long office hours with persistent chronic back aches? The comfortable foot rest is all you need that will help you relieve the back and sciatic pain.

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EAN 194587833981
Model Number TR-FRFOAM-100
Pain Relief and Support for Back, Hip, Legs, Knees & Feet – If you are working or sitting at a desk most hours of the day, you are bound to feel the effects on your body after prolonged periods of time. A TRAKK footrest will help reduce back and sciatica pain by easing pressure on your lower back and hips. Our footrest will also ensure proper foot placement while sitting, which will help improve blood circulation to the legs and ease pain over time.
Ultimate Comfort at Your Desk – One size doesn’t fit all! With its larger size and adjustable height our plushy memory foam cushion will make it easy to stretch your feet to any desired height, roll your ankles when they are feeling stiff, or easily allow for any movement that is needed while sitting.
Premium High Density Memory Foam – TRAKK footrests are made from the high-quality memory foam which will easily conform to the shape of any size feet and provide plush comfort with or without shoes. Our footrest materials are more comfortable and supportive than those made from plastic or cheap foam and will provide natural support to your legs and feet for years to come. The cover is easily removable and machine washable so you can enjoy it without worries.
Multi-Purpose – TRAKK footrests can be used for more than just elevating your feet. You can also use our foam footrest underneath your knees for support while laying down or flip it over and use it as a rocker for underneath your chair. Since it is made from lightweight foam materials, you can easily take it with you on the go. You can bring our footrest on a plane, when working in the office, or just if you want to work on your laptop on the couch.

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