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TRAKK Knee Support Wrap

SKU : 194587630740


The TRAKK Knee Support Wrap is a versatile and comfortable knee support that can be used for a variety of activities. The wrap provides support and stability to the knee, while the adjustable straps allow for a customized fit. The wrap is also breathable and helps to keep the knee cool and

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TRAKK Hot & Cold Adjustable Neoprene and Gel Therapy Wrap for Knee Support

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EAN 194587630740
UPC 194588000000
Model Number TR-KNPHC-120
Patented Designed Ice Pack for Knee- These knee gel ice packs are newly designed with a soft plush side that is handy to apply without a towel wrapping. The plush cover helps your knee gradually adapt to the cold and avoid condensation water dripping from cooling. These cold wraps effectively relieve for contusion, swelling, sprains, inflammation and speed up the healing time, helps muscles recover after strenuous activity, injury, or surgical procedure, and recharge muscles after the gym.
Flexible, Reusable & Long- lasting Ice Packs for Knee. The unique filling material has a much lower ice point at -13℉, allows the ice packs stay smooth and pliable to match up the knee cap when frozen, even 30% more volume than others, so to stay colder for better alleviating pain around muscles, joints, and tendons on your knee. Cold therapy is proven that has powerful and efficient help with arthritis, patella issues, meniscus injuries, chronic knee pain, sprains, sports injuries, and more.
Hands-free Application of Ice & Compression Therapy- Two adjustable straps ensures each ice pack secured around the knee for hands-free application and the full range of movement. It offers strong compression combine with cold therapy so that you can get optimal impact for your knee. The design not only fits right or left knees but also works well for elbows. It can be used while sitting, lying down or standing, effective to soothe injured muscles, joints and recovery from surgery.
Fabulous Quality & Versatile Ice Pack- Size of the knee ice pack is 9.6 x 12.2’’, two pieces in a set. Each ice wrap fills with unique gel has a much lower ice point at -13℉, allows it stays smooth and pliable to match up the knee cap. It could use on knees even on elbows, calf, wrist. The wide sealed edge and extra-thick nylon cover are reliable to reuse without worrying about gel leakage. Store it in the freezer with the plastic bag included so that it is ready to use.

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