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TRAKK Hot & Cold Neck Pack Wrap For Help Neck Pain Relief

This is a neck wrap that can be used for hot or cold therapy. It is microwave and freezer safe, and can help with neck pain relief.


EAN 194587833394
Model Number TR-ICENK-700
Patent Pending Design for Neck – Neck ice pack wraps fully cover for your neck and upper back. Neck ice wrap weight 1.2 lb., no much burden to cervical. Extra elastic strap helps to keep neck cold pack wrap in place and freeing up your hands.
Stay Flexible even Frozen – Cervical ice pack for injuries reusable stays pliable and soft even frozen, you can morph the ice packs for neck into the shape you need as you lay in bed or on a couch and enjoy the cold therapy.
Instant Soothing for Neck Pain – Ice neck wrap provides instant cold therapy for your pain in neck, pinched nerve, injury, sprains and post recovery. Great for athletes and Office worker for symptom neck pain relief.
Safe and Durable – The cold packs for neck is constructed with a strong stitching that is tear and split-resistant. The ice pack neck cold pack made from Expert-Grade soft solid gel prevents leaking for extensive reusability, safe for all ages and sensitive skin.

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