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TRAKK Fitness Pilates Resistance Bar Kit

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The TRAKK Fitness Pilates Resistance Bar Kit is a great way to get a workout at home. The kit includes a resistance bar, a mat, and a DVD. The resistance bar can be used to tone your arms, legs, and core. The mat is great for doing Pilates

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TRAKK Fitness Pilates Resistance Bar Kit

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EAN 194587630801
UPC 194588000000
Model Number TR-PILRESBARKT-100
💪 ADVANCED PILATES STICK DESIGN – Crafted with three detachable steel pipes that are perfectly balanced for smooth movements our Pilates stick bar is lightweight, gives you a firm grip, and can be broken down so you can take it with you anywhere. Both ends are equipped with high-quality adjustable straps, which can easily and quickly adjust the length required for various exercises.
💪 STACKABLE RESISTANCE BANDS SET – Every Yoga Pilates stick also comes with three pairs of flexible elastic resistance bands with a total resistance of 130 lbs., or 65 lbs. per side. Arbitrarily match resistance bands of different strengths to meet the weight required for various exercises(Weighted Bar).
💪 SUPPORTS FULL-BODY WORKOUTS – Our Pilates exercise stick can be used for all types of common core exercises including stretching, weightlifting, lunges, and squats, as well as targeting muscle groups in your back, legs, hips, shoulders, or arms.
💪 CONVENIENT STORAGE ORGANIZER BAG –Each Pilates set also comes with a compact storage bag that, can store Pilates bar kits. so you can be prepared to get in a quick workout on the go. burn your calories when you are at the home, office, outdoor, Gym studio, hotel during business trips.

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