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TRAKK Fitness Ab Twister Board

Ab Twister Board for Exercise Waist Twisting Disc with 8 Magnets Fitness Twister with Handles Trims Waist Arms Hips and Thighs


SKU: 194587630665
Model #: TR-FITBDTWIS-10
? Two-in-One Combination of Fitness and Health: 3D Massage Soles increase body vitality,the newly upgraded drawstring model
? Anti-skid Chassis: Anti-skid threaded chassis that won’t hurt the floor, don’t have to worry about slipping during exercise, and can protect the floor from scratching.
? This fitness disc is suitable for people weighing less than 285lb.
? Due to long-term transportation, our exercise discs may be damaged or its packaging may be damaged, if so, please return it or change it with Amazon Warehouse on your order page, and you will get a new one soon.

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