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This is a small, handheld massager that can be used on different parts of the body. It is portable and easy to use, and it provides a deep tissue massage.

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A tiny massager that serves the full function. You can take it anywhere along where you need it the most. Say good bye to the sore muscles while travelling. Give them a deep massage and feel good to go

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EAN 194587685092
UPC 194588000000
Model Number TR-EXTMNRLR-150
PRECISION MASSAGE. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE — Our omni-functional, fits-in-any-pack massage device. Pick from numerous massage configurations to get the relief you are looking for.
MODULAR DESIGN — Use the stick by itself or add the adjustable massage rings for deep tissue, precision targeting. You configure the massage. You control the pressure.
CONVENIENTLY SIZED — With a total length of 13”, the Morph Stick is easy to stash in any pack so you can relieve aching muscles when you need it most. The base massage surface is wide enough to span all your major muscle groups, while the stick is compact enough to use while you’re stuck in even the most cramped spaces – planes, trains, and automobiles.
TARGET KNOTS — The high-density foam rings are designed to target deep knots and adhesions in the tightest muscle groups. Shift the Massage Rings to adjust the Morph Stick to any body part or muscle group. Great for use on hard-to-roll spots that other massage sticks can’t hit like shins, wrists, and triceps.

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